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Our Intuitive Eating Community is a safe and nurturing place--free from "diet talk", "fat talk", and body bashing. It's a place to get inspiration & support for your Intuitive Eating journey.

It's free to join, but you will need to sign-up.  Elyse and I are dedicated to maintaining a 100% free membership.

This is your community and we are very open to feedback.  Please feel free leave suggestions in the Discussions Forum about features that you would like to see in your Intuitive Eating Community!

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Introduce Yourself to the Intuitive Eating Community

Please introduce yourself to the group. Consider adding information not in your profile--perhaps any of the following: a surprising tidbit, the reason you are here, your biggest struggle, your biggest victory or insight.

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Inspiration--What Was Your Turning Point?

What's your story? What helped you become an Intuitive Eater? Please feel free to elaborate on any or all of the above questions.

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Your Questions

Post your questions about Intuitive Eating in this section.

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Food Addiction

We've been getting a lot of questions about food addiction, so we have a whole category devoted to this topic.

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Katcha - IEing since March 2007 replied to Esther B.'s discussion Introducing myself
"Welcome Esther. Your concerns are quite usually voiced by many people as they begin to embrace IE. Those concerns generally reflect what IE attributes to diet mentality which you and most of us here had incorporated into our lives for many reasons.…"
4 hours ago
Profile Icondavid driscoll, Anita Singhmar, Catherine and 6 more joined Intuitive Eating Online Community
4 hours ago
Esther B. posted a discussion

Introducing myself

Hi all,I recently read the Intuitive Eating book and I like the idea. However I'm really not happy with my weight. (Just went clothes shopping today and everything I tried on was too small). So I'm being pulled in 2 directions. I want to start Intuitive Eating but I don't know if I can give up on losing weight.I'm thinking of putting weight loss "on hold" for a year to try this. I don't think I can give it up entirely.When I look back at a time in my life when I used to eat intuitively, it was…See More
5 hours ago
Esther B. updated their profile
5 hours ago
Elizabeth replied to Elizabeth's discussion This is me, here and now, today. I am Elizabeth.
"Thank you very much Katcha! I am so glad you told me to take time and do one thing at a time. I say this because last night after i read the first couple of chapters that already changed my thinking i wanted to dig in more but i had to stop myself…"
9 hours ago
Katcha - IEing since March 2007 replied to Elizabeth's discussion This is me, here and now, today. I am Elizabeth.
"Welcome Elizabeth. I have always found IE amazing and supportive of me no matter how my IE journey is at any particular moment. IE is very simple - REconnecting with your own dear body - but its at the same time not easy in that you have quite some…"
9 hours ago
Rachel Roth updated their profile
9 hours ago
Elizabeth replied to Sara Solomon's discussion I'm ready to start! But how do I explain this to my family?
"Sara, I just have to say when you wrote the part about "eating frozen fish sticks, and fried chicken" that hit home for me because I too have been terrified of these foods and felt they were FORBIDDEN. I am so grateful to see that I am not…"
10 hours ago
Gabs liked angie o's discussion A new tool/outlook that may help some of you who are still struggling!
10 hours ago
Elizabeth updated their profile
10 hours ago
Elizabeth posted a discussion

This is me, here and now, today. I am Elizabeth.

i have just recently joined this webpage and just got into the first couple of chapters if IE and how amazing life has seemed to alter in just a couple of hours!i am so amazed by how much support there is here and i am truly blessed and excited to get on this journey.i am 28 years old (female) and i have been battling an eating disorder for about ten years now. i have been praying and praying constantly for recovery. my doctor told me yesterday, as i was in there for my annual exam, that it…See More
10 hours ago
Karen Rademacher was featured
22 hours ago
Sara Solomon replied to Evelyn-CoAuthor Intuitive Eating's discussion Food Shaming Women's Health Magazine
"This is quite true. One of my naturally thin friends finds it frustrating when people say things like "Oh! You're so skinny you can eat anything you want!" Her attitude is "Just because I'm naturally thin doesn't mean I…"
Sara Solomon liked Tania Odesho's discussion Fresh Out of College: Story of Surviving Abuse
Sara Solomon posted a discussion

Well, I've learned a lesson, and I'm happy about that.

I just started my journey into IE, and I'm in the stage of allowing myself full access to all the "forbidden" foods I once craved. One day when I'm at a healthier stage in life I might be able to objectively say to myself "Mmmm... Since diabetes runs strong in my family maybe I should save sweets for an occasional treat." But that's not for right now. My Diet Rebel is still angry and defiant and says things like "Oh really? Well, I want M&Ms AND a candy bar! So whaddaya think of THAT, uh?!"…See More
Sara Solomon replied to Tania Odesho's discussion Fresh Out of College: Story of Surviving Abuse
"Thank you so much for sharing your story. You have such strength! Some people never find the inner power to break free from abuse, and you self awareness and desire for health is very inspiring. Give yourself time for healing. I compare my body to a…"

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