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Our Intuitive Eating Community (based on the book Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch) is a safe and nurturing place -- free from "diet talk", "fat talk", and body bashing. Reading the book is highly recommended as discussions do use and follow book terms and suggested practices.

It's a place to get PEER inspiration & support for your Intuitive Eating journey.

It's free to join, but you will need to sign-up.  Elyse and Evelyn are dedicated to maintaining a 100% free membership.


MEMBER: Introductions

Introduce yourself to the Community - your history tidbits, what brought you to the forum, general information about you. (NO QUESTIONS asked in Intro - those to go in correct Category)

2034 discussions

MEMBER: Postcards from IE Journey

Share ALL your experiences - baby steps, challenges, whines, rants & IE issues you ponder too.

1646 discussions

MEMBER: Inspiration & Success Stories

Congratulate yourself and inspire others! Positive steps you have done and what made these happen for you. Please feel free to elaborate on any or all of the above questions.

477 discussions

MEMBER: Special/Medical Needs + IE & Children

This is the place to post about food intolerance/allergies, and medical conditions, as it relates to Intuitive Eating.

265 discussions

MEMBER: Men & Intuitive Eating

Welcome to our brothers! Let us know what is important for you. The moderator for this section David Orozco, MS, RD who is a certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

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FORUM: Guidelines, Navigation & Posting Tips

Forum guidelines, Suggested participation and Helpful forum hints,& Notes,

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FORUM: Announcements

Forum Events, forum changes & notices effecting forum & members

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FORUM: IE Workbook & Related Media

Share and discuss the IE workbook and IE related articles, Video/Audio links and reviews of books other than Intuitive Eating by Tribole and Resch.

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Post silly diet cartoon, perhaps an eating joke, OR funny story related to IEing. Everyone benefits from a great GRIN :-)

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FORUM: Feedback & Suggestions

Ideas, suggestions and any feedback for the FORUM here.

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PRINCIPLES: Diet Mentality/Diet Culture

Discussions on thoughts about dieting, what diet mentality is and how it effects you.

392 discussions

PRINCIPLES: Hunger - Body/Non Body (Emotions)

Discussions on reacquainting and reconnecting with biological hunger AND identifying and dealing with non-biological 'hungers' (wants & needs).

367 discussions

PRINCIPLES: Permission to Eat, Making Peace with Food

Discussions on foods thoughts and issues, Food Police intrusions, rigid rules and permission to fuel and nourish your body.

756 discussions

PRINCIPLES: Fullness & Satisfaction

Discussions on reacquainting and reconnecting with body sensations and reactions to eating - foods and body feedback.

191 discussions

PRINCIPLES: Body Issues & Honoring

Discussions about YOUR body, how you view it, what it IS and how to honor it.

260 discussions

PRINCIPLES: Exercise & Gentle Nutrition

Discussions on embracing these factors for body contentment as well as releasing these from negative effects against your body.

161 discussions


Diet oriented and social issues such as - WEIGHT, scale, FAT/thin pressure, eat timing etc.

499 discussions

CHAT with Certified Intuitive Eating PRO

Each month we have a live chat discussion with a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. Each chat is centered around one of the principles of Intuitive Eating. This is the place to ask your questions for upcoming chats.

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Profile IconMaria Dentino, SUSAN WACHTA, Katherine Espinoza and 1 more joined Intuitive Eating Online Community
2 hours ago
susan miller posted a status
"Hi I am new to this forum. I hope to learn more and heal my broken relationship with food."
3 hours ago
Sabine Lee replied to Sabine Lee's discussion Hello!
"yes I am excited about the journey!"
7 hours ago

Finally IE
Judith replied to Sabine Lee's discussion Hello!
"Welcome, Sabine! Yes, isn’t it interesting how some folks have just never become entangled in thinking about food and diets ALL the time! It’s great that you have a couple of natural IE “role-models” as you start this journey!"
10 hours ago
Sabine Lee updated their profile
11 hours ago
Sabine Lee posted a discussion


I'm new to IE and I have never used a forum, so this is an opportunity to learn a lot of new things. My goal is to improve my relationship with food. I have a couple of friends that are natural intuitive eaters, which I just now realize after I learned about it. I always wondered why they are so relaxed around food and when I'm with them we never discuss diets or anything like that and they never seem to have cravings or want to eat like a bottomless pit.. Another friend of mine is like me, we…See More
11 hours ago
Carmela Hermann Dietrich replied to Angela Collier's discussion Kids and Intuitive Eating
"I am going to get this book! Thanks for suggested it! Even though i have struggled with disordered eating, our son gets to have snacks and treats, sugar as well as veggies and meat etc. He seems to be able to not finish a dessert just because its…"
Carmela Hermann Dietrich replied to Carmela Hermann Dietrich's discussion Wow - first time at market since starting IE
"Hehe LOVE that! Yeah, my shopping in the past has been pretty rote, with lists etc which is good. But now I am trying to ask myself and my body what things would I love to eat that I haven't been eating. It's opening things up!"
Profile IconMichaela, Sabine Lee, Valeria Padrino Sabino and 2 more joined Intuitive Eating Online Community

IE Certified
Katcha - IEing since March 2007 replied to Carmela Hermann Dietrich's discussion Wow - first time at market since starting IE
"Good for you! Different experiences can be broadening and you learn that you have options, perhaps ones you never dreamed of. I enjoy shopping though I am more 'business' like about it. There are some funny cartoons and comments about…"
Carmela Hermann Dietrich posted a discussion

Wow - first time at market since starting IE

I had the most interesting experience of opening up to aisles I don't usually allow myself to go into today! It was so overwhelming that I just allowed myself to just take that in without the pressure to buy ALL THE THINGS. That felt like a good first step. I do go into those aisles for my son and husband but not for me. So... it felt like a really good process!See More

IE Certified
Katcha - IEing since March 2007 replied to Anke's discussion "Not broken enough" (and still full in the DM)
"I prefer thinking of the IE process as 'biocentric (own) body honoring'."
Anke replied to Anke's discussion "Not broken enough" (and still full in the DM)
"I have just drawn a new cover for my German edition of the book. Before: "Intuitive Weight Loss". Now: "Intuitive Eating". I could have printed the original english cover, but I wanted to make the book "mine"."
Sara replied to Katcha - IEing since March 2007's discussion Silent Partners
"This is such a great resource, thanks Katcha for putting the links together! "

IE Certified
Katcha - IEing since March 2007 replied to Carmela Hermann Dietrich's discussion Hello! New here - introducing myself
"When you go to the linked discussion, look at the first 'Reply' area which contains the list of names (in purple letter) which are links to that members discussions (posts). Use the instructions in the opening text to find how to read the…"
Carmela Hermann Dietrich replied to Carmela Hermann Dietrich's discussion Hello! New here - introducing myself
"Yes, I am grappling with this. The person I talked to spoke about creating a food plan and I asked her about it and her answer made sense and not diety at all. But part of me wants to have my own journey.  I love the silent partner idea. I…"

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