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Our Intuitive Eating Community is a safe and nurturing place--free from "diet talk", "fat talk", and body bashing. It's a place to get inspiration & support for your Intuitive Eating journey.

It's free to join, but you will need to sign-up.  Elyse and I are dedicated to maintaining a 100% free membership.

This is your community and we are very open to feedback.  Please feel free leave suggestions in the Discussions Forum about features that you would like to see in your Intuitive Eating Community!

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1 Tips for Eating with IE -

Tips for Eating with IE -

Posted by Elaine Birdie Duemler on February 8, 2015

2 What to do when guilt sets in...?

What to do when guilt sets in...?

Posted by Michelle on March 2, 2015

3 Intuitive eating and marriage

Intuitive eating and marriage

Posted by Beth L'Arrivee on March 1, 2015

4 New to IE, feeling a bit down

New to IE, feeling a bit down

Posted by Amy on March 2, 2015

5 Making Peace with Food & Emotional eating

Making Peace with Food & Emotional eating

Posted by Michelle on March 2, 2015

6 New to IE...

New to IE...

Posted by Clara on March 2, 2015

7 Stress and binging

Stress and binging

Posted by Palestrina on February 27, 2015


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Francis Morgan updated their profile
2 minutes ago
Francis Morgan posted a discussion

I seem to be hungry every hour or two (still on stage two, exploration)

This is my second week applying IE principles and i have found it has helped me greatly so far.I used to go for hours (5-6) between meals (no longer than that or i would pass out)since listening to my body it seems to tell me I'm hungry all of the time so I'm eating breakfast then an hour later a large snack then an hour and a half later I'm hungry again! I've tried drinking water to see if it's just thirst (it is sometimes) Is this just because I'm still learning my body's signals? Also I'm…See More
6 minutes ago
Profile Iconkathleen bishop, Tia, Ronnie Bingham and 7 more joined Intuitive Eating Online Community
4 hours ago
Diana replied to Palestrina's discussion Stress and binging
"Palestrina, I just logged on looking for a post where someone would say exactly what I'm feeling, and I found it with your post. I've really been struggling with the stress binging lately. While I felt like I was getting a grip on IE for a…"
5 hours ago
Profile IconMindy Garrenton, Clara, Giulia and 2 more were featured
6 hours ago
Mary B replied to Sarah smith's discussion rebel
"This helps me...when I "blow it", instead of thinking of it as "blowing it", I step back and think, what can I learn from this? How can I do things differently next time. For example, I noticed I was gulping down food and…"
7 hours ago
Mary B replied to Clara's discussion New to IE...
"The way I stopped counting calories (and protein grams and fat grams and carb grams and sugar grams, serving sizes, following diet regimines of all sorts) is that when I was doing this for the past 44 (yes, forty-four) years, they did not help me…"
7 hours ago
Mary B replied to Elaine Birdie Duemler's discussion Tips for Eating with IE -
"We have a certain amount of money per month budgeted for eating out, so we stay within those guidelines and the rest of the time I cook things."
7 hours ago
Mary B replied to Michelle's discussion Making Peace with Food & Emotional eating
"I love chocolate, so I don't think I'll ever "get it out of my system". But what I have been able to do with IE is not to binge on it any more. Before, when I labelled it as "bad", I would sneak it. I would eat large…"
7 hours ago
Mary B replied to Michelle's discussion What to do when guilt sets in...?
"I have some friends that don't have ED. They naturally stay at a healthy weight. They will tell me things like, "I went to a new restaurant yesterday for lunch. It was SOOOO good. I was stuffed! I really overdid it but the food was out of…"
7 hours ago
Mary B replied to Michelle's discussion Making Peace with Food & Emotional eating
"You asked, "What do you do when you know you want to eat a specific food but you know it's for emotional reasons?"    When I am in this situation, I sometimes choose to make a conscious choice to go ahead and eat the food,…"
7 hours ago
Carolina Kipnis replied to Elaine Birdie Duemler's discussion Tips for Eating with IE -
"Ha, the lazy wins.  I find that, once I'm inside my house, I'm too lazy to go out again, or too impatient/hungry to order delivery, so I find what I have in the house that will best satisfy my hunger.It saves me a lot of money, too!"
8 hours ago
Penny replied to Elaine Birdie Duemler's discussion Tips for Eating with IE -
"I like these tips! I learned something about myself recently.  I've been eating out a lot recently.  I figured out that it was just out of being tired/inconvenienced at the thought of making myself something to eat.  But once I…"
9 hours ago
Carolina Kipnis replied to Clara's discussion New to IE...
"Hi, Clara!Congrats on starting the IE path!  Do you live on campus?  Do you eat at the college cafeteria?  Is it possible to put on your plate only foods for which you can't possibly have a calorie count?"
9 hours ago
Clara updated their profile
9 hours ago
Clara posted a discussion

New to IE...

Hi there,I'm a freshman college student, new to IE, and a little bit scared of this new approach to eating. The past few years, my food obsession has led to me purposefully lose weight, count calories, exercise obsessively, etc. So I've been reading through the IE book and love the principles! But...I don't know how to deal with the overwhelming anxiety and discouragement I feel. For me, "safety" meant eating slightly under my calorie needs, because how could I gain weight if I was never eating…See More
9 hours ago

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