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MEMBER: Introductions

Introduce yourself to the Community - your history tidbits, what brought you to the forum, general information about you. (NO QUESTIONS asked in Intro - those to go in correct Category)

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MEMBER: Postcards from IE Journey

Share ALL your experiences - baby steps, challenges, whines, rants & IE issues you ponder too.

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MEMBER: Inspiration & Success Stories

Congratulate yourself and inspire others! Positive steps you have done and what made these happen for you. Please feel free to elaborate on any or all of the above questions.

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MEMBER: Special/Medical Needs + IE & Children

This is the place to post about food intolerance/allergies, and medical conditions, as it relates to Intuitive Eating.

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MEMBER: Men & Intuitive Eating

Welcome to our brothers! Let us know what is important for you. The moderator for this section David Orozco, MS, RD who is a certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

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FORUM: Guidelines, Navigation & Posting Tips

Forum guidelines, Suggested participation and Helpful forum hints,& Notes,

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Forum Events, forum changes & notices effecting forum & members

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FORUM: IE Related Media

Share and discuss IE related articles, Video/Audio links and reviews of books other than Intuitive Eating by Tribole and Resch.

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Post silly diet cartoon, perhaps an eating joke, OR funny story related to IEing. Everyone benefits from a great GRIN :-)

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FORUM: Feedback & Suggestions

Ideas, suggestions and any feedback for the FORUM here.

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PRINCIPLES: Diet Mentality

Discussions on thoughts about dieting, what diet mentality is and how it effects you.

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PRINCIPLES: Hunger - Body/Non Body (Emotions)

Discussions on reacquainting and reconnecting with biological hunger AND identifying and dealing with non-biological 'hungers' (wants & needs).

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PRINCIPLES: Permission to Eat, Making Peace with Food

Discussions on foods thoughts and issues, Food Police intrusions, rigid rules and permission to fuel and nourish your body.

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PRINCIPLES: Fullness & Satisfaction

Discussions on reacquainting and reconnecting with body sensations and reactions to eating - foods and body feedback.

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PRINCIPLES: Body Issues & Honoring

Discussions about YOUR body, how you view it, what it IS and how to honor it.

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PRINCIPLES: Exercise & Gentle Nutrition

Discussions on embracing these factors for body contentment as well as releasing these from negative effects against your body.

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Diet oriented and social issues such as - WEIGHT, scale, FAT/thin pressure, eat timing etc.

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CHAT with Certified Intuitive Eating PRO

Each month we have a live chat discussion with a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. Each chat is centered around one of the principles of Intuitive Eating. This is the place to ask your questions for upcoming chats.

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Top Content 

1 Doubts and weight gain coming back after years of what I thought a successful IE journey

Doubts and weight gain coming back after years of what I thought a successful IE journey

Posted by Gio on November 18, 2017

2 What is "hungry"?

What is "hungry"?

Posted by Rebecca Durney on November 16, 2017

3 When do you get past your triggers!?!

When do you get past your triggers!?!

Posted by Jessica Thomas on November 17, 2017

4 I'm not hungry, but I want to eat it!

I'm not hungry, but I want to eat it!

Posted by Kristen on November 18, 2017

5 Doubtful


Posted by Katie D on November 20, 2017


Welcome New Members!

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The members here look forward to welcoming you and reading what you have to say and share about Intuitive Eating.

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Sydney R-B posted a discussion

Scared, yet hopeful

Hi everyone, I’m very new to Intuitive Eating (about three days) and am looking for some support in this. A little background: I struggled with my weight beginning at around 8 years old. When I was 14 I developed disordered eating: highly restrictive behaviors for months on end, followed by several months of bingeing. My relationship with food never really recovered: there were periods of being on the “health wagon” followed by periods of emotional over-eating all throughout my 20’s. About a…See More
1 hour ago
Sydney R-B updated their profile
1 hour ago
Phil replied to Katie D's discussion Doubtful
"KD, you really captured so many of my feelings. I was introduced to ie during treatment for binge eating. I am very new to it and am scared. I have been gaining weight and worry that I will balloon up. My other big issue is that I have so few foods…"
2 hours ago
Profile IconJessica, Laurie, Molly Hahn-Floyd and 6 more joined Intuitive Eating Online Community
2 hours ago

IE Certified
Eeza--Moderator and IE Counselor replied to Katie D's discussion Doubtful
"Welcome, Katie D!  I read part of your story when you posted it as a blog, so it's nice to hear more about you. "
3 hours ago

IE Awake
Carolyn replied to Katie D's discussion Doubtful
"Katie, No apologies needed. Yes, we are."
5 hours ago
Allegoria replied to Allegoria's discussion Jogging/running tips for a starter
"Thanks for tips Palestrina and Carolyn!"
6 hours ago
Katie D replied to Kristen's discussion Feeling awful, but learning from it
"I can relate. Thanks for sharing. Your post and the replies are helpful. I too need to learn that it's not just a free for all, because as I know that ultimately doesn't feel good.  thanks, Kristen.  -katie"
6 hours ago
Katie D posted a discussion


HI Community, I don't think this is going to work for me. I want to keep this post positive, but I am afraid that I'm shooting myself in the foot by trying this "intuitive eating." Since trying to introduce foods back in and let go of using measuring cups and food scales, my obsession has come back. I don't feel joy around food. I feel confused. I bought foods previously forbidden today, and ate them at lunch at my desk. It wasn't THAT enjoyable even though I chose a food I haven't had for…See More
6 hours ago

IE Awake
Carolyn commented on Katie D's status
"No guilt, no apologies, just enjoyment!"
8 hours ago

IE Awake
Carolyn replied to Allegoria's discussion Jogging/running tips for a starter
"Allegoria, For me, I prefer 'race walking' to the pounding forces that running puts on our joints. I'm an RN and a specialized massage therapist. I understand how good a run feels! But sometimes it can cause more wear and tear down…"
8 hours ago

IE Awake
Palestrina replied to Allegoria's discussion Jogging/running tips for a starter
"Google search “couch to 5k” programs on the internet. It’s a guideline on how to go from never having run before to running for 30minutes without stopping. Basically you alternate between running and walking and increase the…"
9 hours ago
Katie D posted a status
"Hi community, I am checking in for the day. Relinquishing feelings of guilt around my eating- just for today"
11 hours ago
Allegoria posted a discussion

Jogging/running tips for a starter

Hi,Would anyone has any tips how to start running as a newbie in a bigger body? I am not talking about running a marathon but maybe 3-5 km would be nice. I walk a lot (~10000 steps/day) but I sometimes crave to be able to run or jog.See More
11 hours ago

IE Certified
Katcha - IEing since March 2007 replied to Gio's discussion Doubts and weight gain coming back after years of what I thought a successful IE journey
"Gio, isn't the medical profession supposed to be a SERVICE for US?!? Somehow its been warped into thinking of itself as 'expert' and how we need to be 'directed' by it. I also have tried to not 'refuse' being…"

Finally IE
Gio replied to Gio's discussion Doubts and weight gain coming back after years of what I thought a successful IE journey
"Totally. It was very upsetting, and I had even rehearsed the way I would kindly ask them not to tell me the weigh. I am glad to discover though that I can even refuse the weighing procedure completely. I love the idea of being in power in the face…"

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