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Our Intuitive Eating Community (based on the book Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch) is a safe and nurturing place -- free from "diet talk", "fat talk", and body bashing.

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It's free to join, but you will need to sign-up.  Elyse and I are dedicated to maintaining a 100% free membership.

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1 Others are dieting just fine

Others are dieting just fine

Posted by Palestrina on October 6, 2015

2 IE Newbie

IE Newbie

Posted by Teresa Ricketts on October 9, 2015

3 Tough Week

Tough Week

Posted by Maureen Odie on October 3, 2015


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Debinedh liked Eeza's discussion my next baby step
1 hour ago
Teresa Ricketts replied to Teresa Ricketts's discussion IE Newbie
"Thank you Cari!!"
1 hour ago
lily replied to Palestrina's discussion Others are dieting just fine
"I will always have it in the back of my mind thoughts of loosing weight.   I know it will not give me a happier life just by doing that.   Id like to look better and feel my very best possible and do believe some weight gone would help…"
2 hours ago
Eeza replied to Eeza's discussion my next baby step
"You're right, I am being hard on myself!  My husband has pointed this to me for a while now and I'm finally starting to understand this.  I can take time this weekend to really get myself back on track.  Thank you for the…"
3 hours ago

Finally IE
Cari Corbet-Owen replied to Eeza's discussion my next baby step
"Reza - we are so hard on ourselves.  A slip isn't a big deal, even though it feels like it....but that's only because we're so used to the diet mentality where 'slips' are treated as a crime.  No they are not.…"
3 hours ago

Finally IE
Cari Corbet-Owen replied to JaNeen Molborn's discussion I can't stop eating
"Hi JaNeen, something that used to work really well for me was that I would put my plate under the tap and run water over it. It really worked as a signal to myself that I was 'done'"
3 hours ago
Eeza posted a discussion

my next baby step

Background: I started Weight Watchers (WW) years ago and really got into the diet mentality.  I "quit" WW about a year after I started, but I still counted points (for those of you who never did WW, points are essentially calories).Me now: I no longer count points, but I still went onto their message boards.  Mostly it was to the vegetarian board, but I still looked at other forums.  Well, this week was a tough one and I noticed myself slipping into old habits of restricting. I'm not proud of…See More
5 hours ago
Lisa replied to Lisa's discussion Totally believing but with concerns...
"Hi Eeza, and thank you for replying. I guess that's what I need to do. Try to silent the bad voices by creating some good ones and maybe eventually they kick in on auto pilote instead. Until then, I think this no judgment part will be one of my…"
6 hours ago
Eeza replied to Lisa's discussion Totally believing but with concerns...
"I feel that this is a habit is common, especially among women.  When they look in the mirror, their thoughts are always negative.  As hard as it is, make more positive comments about your body.  If you catch yourself saying something…"
7 hours ago
Eeza replied to Teresa Ricketts's discussion IE Newbie
"Teresa, I also was more schedule oriented, but now I'm more flexible.  For example, I am now much more comfortable eating lunch earlier than most IF I am hungry.  Then I eat lunch with my colleagues, but I just sit and enjoy their…"
7 hours ago
Eeza replied to Cari Corbet-Owen's discussion what weight loss can never solve
"Yup!  I'm the thinnest I've ever been, but it's affected my mental health.  So, I wasn't happy with the way I looked when I was heavier, but I've traded that way of thinking for my current way of thinking. …"
7 hours ago
Eeza replied to JaNeen Molborn's discussion I can't stop eating
"This may sound silly, but I push the food away from me.  To me, this has a feeling of finality to it and mentally helps me stop.  Honestly, it doesn't work every time, but it does work most of the time.  I also tell myself that I…"
7 hours ago
Lisa updated their profile
8 hours ago
Lisa posted a discussion

Totally believing but with concerns...

Hey guys!I've been trying for a while to find a concept other than a new diet to work with my food issues. I started looking for a "program" that had to do with mindful eating as I figured that would help as I seem to zoom out many times when it comes to food but accidently stumbling across IE and the book has made me feel like I hit jackpot. Almost. All the principles makes sense to me and I totally see it working but it raises many quiestions on - how in the world will I make my mind really…See More
8 hours ago

Finally IE
Cari Corbet-Owen replied to Teresa Ricketts's discussion IE Newbie
"Welcome Teresa - as you so accurately describe you can change what you call it, but if the actions and ways of being stay the same it's like putting lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig.   Good luck on your journey.  I think…"
9 hours ago

Finally IE
Cari Corbet-Owen posted a discussion

what weight loss can never solve

Thought in line with our recent discussion about weight loss desire that this was a though-provoking quote from Geneen Roth.“Weight loss does not make people happy. Or peaceful. Being thin does not address the emptiness that has no shape or weight or name. Even a wildly successful diet is a colossal failure because inside the new body is the same sinking heart.”― Geneen RothSee More
9 hours ago

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