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Our Intuitive Eating Community is a safe and nurturing place--free from "diet talk", "fat talk", and body bashing. It's a place to get inspiration & support for your Intuitive Eating journey.

It's free to join, but you will need to sign-up.  Elyse and I are dedicated to maintaining a 100% free membership.

This is your community and we are very open to feedback.  Please feel free leave suggestions in the Discussions Forum about features that you would like to see in your Intuitive Eating Community!


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Introduce Yourself to the Intuitive Eating Community

Please introduce yourself to the group. Consider adding information not in your profile--perhaps any of the following: a surprising tidbit, the reason you are here, your biggest struggle, your biggest victory or insight.

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Inspiration--What Was Your Turning Point?

What's your story? What helped you become an Intuitive Eater? Please feel free to elaborate on any or all of the above questions.

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Your Questions

Post your questions about Intuitive Eating in this section.

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Food Addiction

We've been getting a lot of questions about food addiction, so we have a whole category devoted to this topic.

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Mary replied to Joanne Graham's discussion Good Morning from California (Bay Area)
"Welcome and welcome back, Joanne! I think I've got you beat...I've been on the diet merry-go-round for 45 years! Would you believe I read Geneen Roth's material (Overcoming Emotional Eating, which is along the same train of thought as…"
17 minutes ago
Katcha - IEing since March 2007 replied to Joanne Graham's discussion Good Morning from California (Bay Area)
"Welcome (back) Joanne. The old saying about not being ready until you are . . . applies with IE too. I remember my dad commenting when I was in my teens on me having some 'fat' around my knees. Hey dad - all knees push flesh…"
2 hours ago
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2 hours ago
Palestrina replied to Jules's discussion So tired...
"Putting weightloss on the back burner is not a decision you make over night. It's a slow process and that's ok. IE is very gentle, you begin to incorporate the tools and go through the motions of accepting your body until it doesn't…"
4 hours ago
Joanne Graham posted a discussion

Good Morning from California (Bay Area)

Hello Everyone,  The funniest thing happened when I went to "join" this site - I had already joined at some point because my email was in use.  So I guessed at my password and here I am.  It must have been years ago that I joined originally.  Anyway, I joined WW for the 20th time about two weeks ago and haven't gone back.  Once again I am out the money, feel guilty and am no thinner.  I use food for comfort.  Use food to punish myself and I eat all time when not even hungry.  And I feel guilty,…See More
4 hours ago
Eileen v updated their profile
19 hours ago
Mary replied to Jules's discussion So tired...
"I'm glad you're here. I spent the past 45 years on the diet yo yo merry-go-round. I don't know how old you are, but I hope you don't spend 45 years like I did! This helped me put weight loss on the back burner: When I was very…"
20 hours ago
Jules posted a discussion

So tired...

Hi! I'm new here. I just started reading the book last night. I've tried something similar before, but fell back into the diet trap. I'm tired of going from one thing to the next. I'm tired of reading books about this issue. I'm tired of spending so much energy on wishing things were different.When the book talks about putting weight loss on the back burner... I just have no idea how to do that. I bet I've thought about it at least 1,000 times just today and it's only 2pm.Ok, I'm going to go…See More
takoda replied to takoda's discussion How do you rid yourself of guilt
"Thank you for the response Zoe.  You too have hit on a very good point.  For a while now, I have felt like I'm just going through the motions of life and really not getting anything accomplished or feeling much of anything which…"
takoda replied to takoda's discussion How do you rid yourself of guilt
"Katcha, Thank you for your response.  Your point number 2 really hits home with me.  Would I ever deny my daughter or make my daughter (5 years old) feel guilty for what she wants to eat, when she wants to eat, and how much? …"
Zoe Johnson replied to takoda's discussion How do you rid yourself of guilt
"Hi Takoda! I'm new here too, so we're newbies together! I think what you've hit on, that grey area between "giving yourself permission" and yet still feeling guilt for consuming certain foods is where most people get stuck.…"
Caryn O. replied to Mary's discussion Eating in car; Toffee
"I too have been noticing this happening to me recently.  I'll set out to eat a few cookies, slowly eat the first one, and then look at the others and wonder if I want them.  Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't, and either way I…"
Katcha - IEing since March 2007 replied to takoda's discussion How do you rid yourself of guilt
"Welcome Takoda. I am happy to read that IE isn't totally new for you and also that you have gifted yourself taking it slow and easy to begin. You are already on your IE journey and glad this forum can assist you too. As far as guilt goes, my…"
LKCade updated their profile
takoda posted a discussion

How do you rid yourself of guilt

I'd like to introduce myself.  I've kept a lot of my feelings inside so this may be a bit long for an introduction.First this is the first ever online community I have joined.  I'm a little overwhelmed by all the stages, steps and principles outlined in the intuitive eating book.  I can't offered to see a professional nutritionist and thought joining the online community would give me the support I need.My issues with food, I have come to realize, comes from how I was raised - clean your…See More
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